Worlds Best Dice Games

6 Years+

'Not wooden but a great set from Front Porch Classics'

Hours and hours of fun making this set great value!

Not 5... not 10... but 25 of the World's Greatest Dice Games all in one product and complete with everything players need to learn and play them all, including: dice, score sheets, timer, dice cup, token-chips.

Includes Deluxe 16 page Rules of Play for the World's Best Dice Games.

Games included: Crag; Hooligan; General; Yacht; Chicago; Ship, Captain, Mate and Crew; Drop Dead; Centennial; Everest; Shut the Box; Catego; Liar's Dice; Help Your Neighbor; Aces in the Pot; Seven Up; Eleven Up; Bouncer; Hazard; Boss Dice; Poker Dice; Poker Hunt; Bowling Dice; Letter Rip; Alphabet Dice; Crossword Dice.

Suitable for 2+ Players Aged 8+