Fiesta Crafts

Most Fiesta Craft toys are in-house designed and have won many awards over the years, including Hamley’s Toy of the Year, The Giftware Association’s Gift of the Year among many others. The philosophy has always been to make toys that allow children to use and develop their imaginations and creativity and to help stimulate and educate them, and this continues to this day.

Fair sourcing policy

It is very important to us that the people who make our toys are fairly treated and so we only use factories that comply to a strict code of conduct and good working practices. These include:

A safe and clean working environment
No child labour
Complies with health and safety regulations
A living wage is paid and at least comply with minimum wage requirements
Working hours are not excessive and comply with national laws
No discrimination is practised
No harsh or inhumane treatment
Regular employment is provided and it is freely chosen