Why should you choose Wooden Toys

We are passionate about Wooden Toys, they have a certain quality and charm, and to some they offer fond memories of their childhood. There are many benefits to Wooden Toys over the alternative plastics offered today. 

  • Wooden Toys require more involvement in play, children need to physically interact with Wooden Toys, there is rarely a button to press resulting in some mechanical or visual response for the child to sit and observe. The majority of Wooden Toys require children to push, pull, twist or connect and interact with the toy leading to more engaged play and an active mind.
  • Wooden Toys are a natural product and lack the toxins present in some plastic toys. 
  • Wooden Toys have a warmth and possess tactile properties that you cannot replicate using plastics. Children can explore the different grains, bumps and textures.
  • Wooden Toys have less of a negative impact on the environment. 
  • Wooden Toys tend to be more durable and can be passed from sibling to sibling, generation to generation.